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14 Peru Restaurants Worth Buying A Plane Ticket For

best peru restaurants

14 Peru Restaurants Worth Buying A Plane Ticket For

Restaurants in Peru You Need to Taste in This Lifetime

Peru, known for its stunning landscapes and rich culture, is also home to some of the best cuisines in the world. This South American country is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, with cuisines ranging from traditional Peruvian dishes to modern takes on international favorites. 

So if you’re thinking about booking a trip to Peru, be sure to add these 15 restaurants to your travel itinerary!

The 14 Best Restaurants in Peru

If you’re thinking about traveling to Peru, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the country’s amazing restaurants. From traditional Peruvian cuisine to international favorites, there’s something for everyone. Here are 15 of the best Peru restaurants worth checking out. 

1. Carnaval Bar | San Isidro 

If you are looking for exquisite concoctions, Carnaval Bar is the place for you. The bartenders here are skilled in mixology and will be able to make any drink you can dream up. The restaurant offers a bundle of delicious meals, including sour cream, brioche buns, and so much more.

Carnaval Bar Peru

Image Source: Carnaval Bar Facebook

Address: Av. Pardo y Aliaga 662, San Isidro 15073, Peru

Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Thursday 5PM to 1AM, Friday to Saturday 5PM to 3AM

Contact: +51 952 480 810

2. Anticuchería Doña Pochita | Lince

Anticuchería Doña Pochita is situated along a busy street in the Lince neighborhood. People come here for their beef skewers or anticucos, which are marinated with panca chile, garlic, cumin, vinegar and more. For dessert, they offer sweet potato picarones and rice pudding with purple porridge.

Anticuchería Doña Pochita

Image Source: Anticuchería Doña Pochita Facebook

Address: Av. Ignacio Merino 2328, Lince 15046, Peru

Hours of Operation: Daily 4PM to 1PM

Contact: Facebook Page

3. La Picanteria | Lima

If you’re looking for authentic Peruvian cuisine, look no further than La Picanteria. This restaurant is known for its succulent chicharron, or fried pork, and other delicious dishes like beef ribs and stewed crab parihuela. They also offer a variety of soups, such as rocoto en chupe, a chowder-like soup made with one of Peru’s hottest chili peppers.

La Picanteria in Lima

Image Source: La Picanteria Facebook

Address: Francisco Moreno 388, Surquillo 15047, Peru

Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Saturday 12PM to 5PM

Contact: +51 953 489 892

4. El Chinito | Lima

This is the place to go if you’re craving Chinese food. El Chinito has been serving traditional Chinese dishes like wontons, egg rolls, and fried rice since 1960. The restaurant is located in Lima’s historic center and is always busy, so be prepared to wait in line. But it’s worth it!

Chinese food in Peru

Image Source: El Chinito Facebook

Address: C. Grimaldo del Solar 113, Miraflores 15074, Peru

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8AM to 3PM and 6PM to 10PM, Saturday 8AM to 10PM, Sunday 8AM to 2PM

Contact: +51 14472447

5. Central | Barranco

Look no farther than Central if you’re searching for a quality dining experience. This popular restaurant, which opened in 2008, serves modern Peruvian food. It is the flagship restaurant of Virgilio Martnez Véliz, a world-renowned chef. The Low Andes Mountain, created with quinoa, Mexican herbs, and other ingredients, is one of the menu’s standout dishes. Central is guaranteed to fulfill all of your appetites, whether you’re in the mood for a savory or sweet dinner.

Central Restaurante in Peru

Image Source: Central Facebook

Address: Av. Pedro de Osma 301, Barranco 15063, Peru

Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday 12:45PM to 1:45PM and 7PM to 8:30PM

Contact: +51 12428515

6. Sutorīto Māketto | Miraflores

This Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant is sure to tantalize your taste buds. The chefs at Sutorīto Māketto use traditional Japanese cooking techniques to prepare their dishes, which are then infused with Peruvian ingredients and flavors. The result is a unique and delicious dining experience. Try the Thai shoyu for a truly unique Japanese fusion taste. 

Japanese Peruvian fusion restaurant

Image Source: Sutorīto Māketto Facebook

Address: Av. Mariscal La Mar 830, Miraflores 15074, Peru

Hours of Operation: Daily 12PM to 11PM

Contact: +51 914720767

7. El Mercado | Miraflores

If you’re looking for a casual dining experience, El Mercado is the place for you. This restaurant serves traditional Peruvian dishes like Aji de Gallina, and they have Ravioli de Langostinos too. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the service is friendly. El Mercado is the perfect place to go if you want to try some of the best Peruvian food in the city. 

El Mercado Restuarante in Peru

Image Source: El Mercado Facebook

Address: Av. Hipólito Unanue 203, Miraflores 15074, Peru

Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Sunday 12:30PM to 5PM

Contact: +5 1974779517

8. Don Fernando Restaurante | Jesús María

This family-owned restaurant has been in operation for 27 years, and people just can’t get enough of their delicious Peruvian cuisine. With creative dishes like Black Pepper Squid, Fig Tree Stewed Chicken, and Coconut Ceviche, you’ll find something to satisfy your appetite at Don Fernando Restaurante. From the friendly atmosphere to the succulent food, this restaurant will become one of your favorites. 

Don Fernando black pepper squid

Image Source: Don Fernando Restaurante Facebook

Address: General Garzón 1788 Jesus Maria Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima LIMA, 11, Peru

Hours of Operation: Wednesday to Sunday 12PM to 4PM

Contact: +5112610361

9. Osso | La Molina

Upscale steakhouse Osso is a great place to get your beef fix. As one of the best Peru restaurants, Osso offers a wide variety of beef dishes like steak, ribs, and more. With its top-quality meat and excellent service, Osso is a great choice for a casual or formal dining experience. The restaurant is owned by Renzo Garibaldi, who is also the chef. He uses traditional methods to age the beef, which gives it a unique flavor. 

Osso Restaurante Facebook

Image Source: Osso Facebook

Address: Tahiti 175, La Molina 15026, Peru

Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday 9AM to 8PM, Sunday 9AM to 2PM

Contact: +51 13681046

10. Cosme Restaurant y Bar | San Isidro

Nuevo Latino dining establishment Cosme Restaurant and Bar is a great place to try something new. The rice dishes are particularly noteworthy as they are unique and delicious. The Cosme Rice, which includes roasted peppers, eggs, chopped bacon, banana thread, and canary beans, is a must-try. With its beautiful interior and accommodating staff, Cosme Restaurant and Bar is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal in San Isidro. 

Cosme Restaurant in Peru

Image Source: Cosme Restaurante y Bar Facebook

Address: Av. Tudela y Varela 162, San Isidro 15073, Peru

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 12:30PM to 10PM, Saturday 12:30PM to 10PM, Sunday 12PM to 4PM

Contact: +51 14215228

11. Astrid&Gastón | San Isidro

Any foodie should pay a visit to this world-famous eatery. Since 1994, Astrid&Gastón has been dishing up innovative Peruvian food. Mero Angelito, angel hair pasta with shrimp and fish broth, crunchy chorizo, and more, is a popular dish at this Peruvian restaurant. Astrid y Gastón is guaranteed to impress even the most discriminating taste with its inventive drinks, elegant environment, attractive design, and artistically prepared food.

crab dish at Astrid y Gaston

Image Source: Astrid&Gastón Facebook

Address: Av. Paz Soldan 290, San Isidro 15073, Peru

Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Saturday 1PM to 3:30PM and 7PM to 11PM, Sunday 11AM to 4PM

Contact: +51 14422777

12. La Mar | Miraflores

Peru’s best cevicheria can be found at La Mar. Whether you’re craving a delectable classic like Tiradito or something more exotic, such as the Yellow Fin Tuna with pumpkin seed and mint pesto, La Mar will please your palate. With its beautiful location on the coast of Miraflores and attentive service, La Mar is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family or friends. 

La Mar Peruvian restaurante

Image Source: La Mar Facebook

Address: Av. Mariscal La Mar 770, Miraflores 15074, Peru

Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday 12PM to 5PM, Friday to Sunday 12PM to 5:30PM

Contact: +51 14213365

13. Chez Wong | Lima

If you’re looking for an authentic Peruvian dining experience, look no further than Chez Wong. This restaurant, which is located in a nondescript location in an unfashionable neighborhood, offers a stripped-down version of ceviche that is prepared with only one fish: sole. The addition of red onion, salt, black pepper, and diced chilies makes for a delicious dish that you won’t find anywhere else. So if you’re looking for the best Peru restaurants, be sure to stop by Chez Wong. 

Peruvian ceviche restaurant

Image Source: Will Travel for Food

Address: Enrique León García 114, La Victoria 15034, Peru

Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Sunday 1PM to 3:30PM

Contact: +51 14706217

14. Mayta Restaurante | Lima

Looking for a taste of Peru’s finest cuisine? Look no further than Mayta. With delicious dishes like Duck Rice and Amazonian Ceviche, Mayta is the perfect place to enjoy a truly gourmet meal. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dining experience or an elegant night out on the town, Mayta is sure to impress. So if you’re in Lima, be sure to add Mayta to your list of must-try Peru restaurants.

Peruvian fine dining at Mayta

Image Source: Mayta Restaurante Facebook

Address: Av. Mariscal La Mar 1285, Miraflores 15027, Peru

Hours of Operation: Daily 12PM to 4PM and 6:30PM to 10:30PM

Contact: +51 937220734

Peruvian Eating is Worth the Trip

When it comes to Peru restaurants, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a casual dining experience or a truly gourmet meal, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in one of these top-rated eateries. So if you’re planning a trip to Peru, be sure to add these restaurants to your itinerary to ensure a truly memorable dining experience.

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12 Traditional Peruvian Dishes You Have to Try in Lima

best Peruvian dishes

12 Traditional Peruvian Dishes You Have to Try in Lima

Peruvian cuisine is rich in diverse flavors and textures, from the popular ceviche to more traditional dishes like aji de gallina. Whether you’re looking for something light or hearty, there’s something for everyone on this list of 12 Traditional Peruvian Dishes You Have to Try in Lima.

About Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian cuisine is known for its diversity and complexity. Dishes are made with influences from the country’s ancient civilizations, including coastal fishing cultures that predate the Inca Empire like Wayúu and Moche, as well as pre-Incan Andean civilizations such as Chavín de Huántar. The ingredients of a dish can correspond to different parts of Peru’s geography: tropical fruits come into season in areas closer to the equator; high mountains make unique contributions at elevations above 2000 meters (6500 feet).

The dishes found here show how Peruvians often combine elements from all over this huge country – many times these combinations are very sophisticated and complex. As an example, take ceviche, a seafood dish made with lime juice (fresh from the country’s coasts), red onions and tomatoes. But not only that; potatoes are also chopped into it to make the texture richer – this is something you would find in coastal fishing cultures like Wayúu of La Guajira or Moche of Lambayeque.

All these dishes have their own story behind them, they represent different parts of Peru’s geography while still retaining their unique flavor. In Lima, Peruvians love eating ceviche because we can go down by the sea anytime we want! But I recommend trying many other wonderful dishes as well!

1. Ceviche

The first dish on our list is a traditional Peruvian seafood ceviche. Ceviche consists of raw fish that has been “cooked” in an acidic mixture consisting typically lime juice, lemon or vinegar with salt and chili pepper. Ceviche can be found all over Latin America but it originated from Lima’s waters! The cold climate around the coastal region creates just the right environment for preserving fresh ingredients such as shrimp, octopus, squid and clams among others which are common to this dish. One bite into a perfectly prepared piece of ceviche will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied!

Why do I love this dish? It’s delicious because of its refreshing flavor while still being complete protein packed with healthy fats coming from the fish.

It can be found all over Latin America but it is most popular in Peru!

One bite into a perfectly prepared piece of ceviche will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied because of its refreshing flavor while still being complete protein packed with healthy fats coming from the fish.

Peruvian ceviche dish

2. Aji de Gallina

Aji de Gallina is a traditional Peruvian dish from the department of Ancash. It’s made with chicken, onions, peppers and roasted red pepper sauce. This dish has become popular because it encompasses all types of flavors; sweet, spicy and savory which are usually present in many other dishes in Peru. The hot sauce used for this dish is made with roasted red peppers.

Aji de Gallina translates to “chicken stew in the style of rooster.” The name comes from its similarity to a traditional Spanish dish, Ajiaco, which also has chicken and potatoes.

Although the ingredients for this dish may not be difficult to find, it can still be quite time consuming to make at home depending on how much work one would like to put into making their own food (chopping vegetables) or purchasing them already chopped up at a supermarket or groceria.

This dish is a favorite among many Peruvians and would be delicious at any meal of the day. One could always serve this with rice, potatoes or other vegetables to make it more filling.

aji de gallina
Image Source: IG @jimena

3. Lomo Saltado 

Lomo Saltado is one of the most popular dishes in Peru. It’s a stir-fry dish made with beef, onions, tomatoes and french fries. Lomo saltado has become so famous because it combines all the flavors that are common to Peruvian cuisine like potatoes (from Juliaca), an Amazonian pepper called Ají amarillo or “yellow chili” for its bright yellow color; Aji panca which also gives this dish some richness and flavor as well as sauce from Huancayo.

lomo saltado
Image Source: IG @fabesroco

4. Alpaca Meat

Alpaca meat is a popular dish made from the indigenous camelid of Peru. Alpacas are originally domesticated animals that come in two varieties, Huacaya and Suri which differ only because Huacayas have thicker hair on their neck than suris do.

The alpaca has been an important part of this country’s culture since pre-Hispanic times; they were used as pack animals for carrying goods between different villages due to their ability to walk great distances without getting exhausted or thirsty. Today, the white fur once prized by Inca society can be sold at high prices and purchased by tourists who want to bring back something special from their visit here!

This delicate meat should not be overcooked so it maintains all the flavor it naturally has. If you’re sensitive to red meat, this might be a good choice for you because the alpaca is of a lighter color and has less fat than beef or pork.

The best way to prepare this dish would be by turning it into stews like cau-cau which are made with fresh vegetables such as potatoes, onions and peppers; served over rice with milk sauce on top (crema de leche). It can also be made into bistek en salsa verde where the meat is pan fried in olive oil before being served with various green sauces that include olives, parsley and chili pepper among others.

Alpaca meat is pricier than other meats but it’s worth the expense if you’re looking to indulge in an alternative protein.

alpaca meat

5. Papas a la Huancaina

Papas a la Huancaina is another traditional Peruvian dish that’s made with potatoes, milk, eggs and cheese. It can be spicy or not depending on the peppers used in its preparation and how much of it you put into your recipe.

The name comes from one of Peru’s most popular sauces called “Huanchinac” which is also what gives this dish some of its flavor as well as color; the sauce includes ingredients like garlic, cumin seeds, onion powder and white vinegar among others. These components are mixed together to make a type of paste before being cooked for 30 minutes until all flavors have been combined adequately so they combine completely with each other to make an aromatic sauce (huancina).

papas a ala huancaina
Image Source: IG @301Peruvianmiami

6. Anticuchos

Anticuchos is a dish made from grilled beef heart skewers. This popular street food can be found on many corners in Peru and while most are traditionally served with some type of green sauce, it also has different variations like anticuches con queso which have cheese as one of the ingredients or just simply be eaten alone without any kind last-minute additions to make them more flavorful.

The word “anticucho” comes from the Quechu language meaning “to eat little by little”. They’re fairly easy to make; they only require a few minutes marinating before being put onto the grill for about five minutes each side.

Image Source: IG @vivefoodieperu

7. Cuy (Roast Guinea Pig)

Cuy or Guinea pigs are a popular dish in Peru for special occasions like weddings. They were originally domesticated by the Incas and used as an alternative to meat because of their ease to raise, ability to convert feed into body weight faster than other livestock animals and they reproduce more quickly.

The Cuy is one of the most traditional dishes here that was eaten before it became illegal in 1977 due to its high fat content; today we can enjoy this classic Peruvian dish once again!

It tastes best when prepared with potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic and tomato sauce. It’s usually served whole after being baked on low heat until cooked inside out so you have crispy skin on top while also maintaining tenderness from within. The head and feet are usually cut off to make it easier for consumption.

While we can’t be too sure what the future has in store, one thing is certain and that’s the importance of being open-minded about trying new dishes when traveling because this world would be a boring place if there were no variety!

cuy (Guinea pig)
Image Source: IG @_iamchai__

8. Rocoto Relleno

Rocoto Relleno is a dish that’s not only popular in Peru but it can also be found in other places like Ecuador, Colombia and Chile. There are many variations to this recipe which include filling the rocotos with cheese or meat; sometimes they’re stuffed with potatoes too!

The sauce for this dish typically includes ingredients such as garlic, onion powder, ground cumin seeds, white vinegar among others before being cooked for about 30 minutes until all flavors have been mixed well enough so you get a rich consistency from them when combined together (huancina).

There has been some debate on whether these dishes should continue to be served because of their high fat content but if enjoyed once-in-a-while there shouldn’t be any cause for concern as long as it’s not on a regular basis.

rocoto relleno
Image Source: IG @laredchicharroneria

9. Causa 

Causa is a dish that consists of mashed potatoes mixed with cooked corn, avocado and mayonnaise. It’s usually served cold but you can also find hot variations like causa rellena which has a filling inside the potato shell like chicken or tuna before being topped with cheese, boiled egg slices and tomato on top.

This dish is one of Peru’s most popular ones and it was actually created by accident when an employee at El Bolivarcón restaurant in Lima accidentally dropped some mashed potatoes onto the grill instead of putting them into her soup pot as she had been instructed to do earlier that day. When they were done cooking they looked so appetizing everyone wanted to taste this new creation!

The owner then decided to put them on the menu and it’s been a national dish ever since!

causa tanta
Image Source: IG @tanta_argentina

10. Arroz con Pato

Arroz con Pato is a traditional Peruvian dish that’s made using rice and duck meat. It was created by the indigenous people of Peru but it has spread to other countries like Colombia, Ecuador and Chile where they’ve come up with their own variations as well!

This dish is a fairly simple one that doesn’t require too many ingredients. It’s often cooked in the Andean region of Peru and it includes rice, garlic sautéed with onions and then mixed together before adding water while slowly cooking until all liquid has been absorbed by the rice (about 20-25 minutes).

The duck is usually cut into small pieces or shredded before being added to this mix along with salt, pepper, cumin powder, vegetable oil and some chopped tomatoes for extra flavor. The best way to prepare this dish is over medium heat so you get crispy skin on top!

aroz con pato
Image Source: IG @mombossperu

11. Caldo de Gallina

The next dish on our list is a Peruvian chicken soup that’s fairly simple to make. This traditional recipe consists of ingredients like onions, garlic, bay leaves and cumin before adding water; it then needs at least 30 minutes to cook in order for all the flavors to be well-mixed together!

Caldo de Gallina has been around for quite some time as this type of broth was traditionally made with leftover poultry from previous meals which would provide plenty of nutrients while also saving money because you weren’t having to buy more meat just for one meal.

It can taste better if served alongside rice or noodles but there are other variations where potatoes or squash is used instead (depending on what’s available). What we love about this dish is that it’s filling but also doesn’t leave you feeling heavy or sluggish afterwards.

caldo de gallina
Image Source: IG @caldoaramburu

12. Leche de Tigre

The last dish on this list is a Peruvian seafood soup that’s made with fresh ingredients. It includes fish, onion, garlic and cilantro before adding water; it then needs at least 30 minutes to cook in order for all the flavors to be well-mixed together!

Leche de Tigre means “tiger’s milk” which refers back to when indigenous people hunted tigers (which were considered sacred) as they believed drinking their blood would give them strength and vigor.

This popular dish has its origins from Peru but you can also find variations of Leche de Tigre served throughout other countries like Ecuador or Colombia. There are many different versions depending on what type of seafood is available so some include shrimp while others use only squid or octopus.

leche de tigre
Image Source: IG @sergentgarciaparis

Excited to try authentic Peruvian dishes?

Peruvian cuisine is rich with foods that have been around for centuries due to a strong indigenous influence which makes it unique from other countries’ cuisines!

You can find most Peruvian dishes being served in Lima, Peru’s capital city and they’re usually affordable or inexpensive – making this country perfect if you want to try many new dishes without breaking the bank.