5 Restaurants in Regina Worth Visiting the City For

Our Favourite Restaurants in Regina

Last week, we covered our favourite restaurants in Moose Jaw. Now it’s time for another Saskatchewan city: Regina. Regina’s food scene is often underrated because it is a smaller city and tends to be overshadowed by larger cities in the country. However, Regina has an eclectic mix of restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines from around the world.

The city also boasts locally owned eateries that focus on fresh ingredients and creative recipes, as well as high-end dining experiences with top chefs creating unique dishes. On top of this, Regina has ample opportunities for foodies to explore its farmer markets and specialty stores, offering unique flavours from all around the globe. All in all, Regina’s overlooked food scene is worth exploring for anyone with a taste for culinary adventure.

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Siam Authentic Thai Restaurant

Siam Authentic Thai Restaurant

The best Thai food in Regina. Possibly the entire province. Siam Restaurant sure gives Nit’s Thai Food in Moose Jaw a run for their money. Make no mistake, both are great, but Siam’s menu is only authentic Thai food. Our favourites include the fried larb sticks, hot shots (spicy shrimp and basil broth shots), cashew chicken and kra pao shrimps. If you somehow have room for dessert, try their mango sticky rice!

Address: 1946 Hamilton St, Regina, SK S4P 2C4

Phone: (306) 352-8424

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Caraway Grill

Caraway Grill

Caraway Grill has 2 locations in Regina and another in Saskatoon. It doesn’t matter which you eat at, but some say their flagship location downtown is best. It can get fairly busy, especially on weekends, and Caraway doesn’t take reservations so if you’re the type to get hangry, you better show up early for dinner!

In all honesty, the whole menu is worth exploring and it’s hard to pick out clear cut favourites. Roasted paneer tikka masala, vindaloo chicken, gulab jamun, chicken korma…we have to come back and try it all! 

Address: 1625 Broad St, Regina, SK S4P 1X3

Phone: (306) 522-4243

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Bar Willow Eatery

Bar Willow Eatery

Bar Willow Eatery is a gem of a restaurant, serving regional dishes taking advantage of Canadian produce and a carefully curated wine selection. PEI mussels, fresh pickerel, scallops…we love seafood and Bar Willow hits the mark.

Fine dining on an outdoor patio, does it get any better?

Address: 3000 Wascana Dr, Regina, SK S4P 4W7

Phone: (306) 585-3663

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Crave Kitchen & Wine Bar

Crave Kitchen

Crave is a local establishment dating back to 2006, launched and operated by Chef Jonathan Thauberger. The menu is Saskatchewan and Canadian ingredients showcased with modern techniques for a truly unforgettable experience. Great date night spot. Try the Quill Creek bison burger, duck confit and the scallop / steelhead ceviche.

Address: 1925 Victoria Ave, Regina, SK S4P 0R3

Phone: (306) 525-8777

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Peking House

Peking House

It wouldn’t feel right to have a list of favourite restaurants without some authentic Chinese food on the list! Peking House is a Beijing cuisine restaurant where you can get all the classics, including wonton soup, yang chou fried rice, and peking duck, of course.

Address: 1850 Rose St, Regina, SK S4P 3Y9

Phone: (306) 757-3038

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Final Thoughts

When you’re visiting the Regina area, don’t miss out on the extraordinary culinary adventure these 5 restaurants offer! From romantic meals to truly unique and delicious dishes that are simply unforgettable – there’s something for everyone. Plan a night out with your loved one or treat yourself to some of Canada’s best dining spots – either way, you won’t regret it!

So come explore what Regina has in store when it comes to top-notch cuisine; be sure to give each restaurant a try!

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  1. Please quit pandering. Not one of these restaurants is voted top 10 in Canada, by a jury of its peers. Top five? That is your opinion and you are entitled to it, even if it is wrong.

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