5 Reasons Why Diner Food is Underrated

Diner Food is The Ultimate Comfort Food

I’m not talking about that diner food. I mean the real stuff, greasy and heavy as a brick, served up from a smeared Formica counter by cooks who’ve spent their lives in kitchens.

It’s the diner food of my youth, before we all got so damned healthy and virtuous. The kind where you don’t ask for low-fat or gluten-free on your double order of hash browns. The kind with bacon fat running down the side of your plate.

The kind of diner food that’s bad for you in all the best ways.

Here are five reasons why I think diner food is underrated:

1. It’s comforting.

There’s something about a big plate of diner food that just hits the spot. Maybe it’s because it reminds us of home, or maybe it’s because it’s so damn filling. Either way, there’s nothing quite like a heaping helping of pancakes or eggs to make you feel better after a long night.

2. It’s affordable.

Diner food is the ultimate in cheap eats. You can get a huge plate of food for just a few dollars, which is great when you’re on a budget. And let’s face it, we all need to save our money sometimes.

3. It’s easy to find.

Diners are everywhere, which means you can usually find one no matter where you are. They’re especially convenient when you’re traveling and need a quick, easy meal.

4. It’s familiar.

There’s something about diner food that just feels cozy and familiar. Maybe it’s because they’ve been around forever, or maybe it’s because they always seem to have the same menu items. Either way, diner food is the epitome of comfort food.

5. It’s delicious.

Last but not least, diner food is just plain delicious. There’s something about greasy breakfast foods that makes them irresistible, and I for one can never resist a good plate of pancakes or eggs.

So there you have it, five reasons why I think diner food is underrated. Now get out there and enjoy some greasy, delicious diner food!

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